Broadway Market


E8 4QJ

You have not truly lived the earnest East London yuppie/hipster/organic-conscious combo until you have visited Broadway Market. While the bustling Saturday market is a great place for all your food and drink needs, the street has interesting shops, great cafes and old boozers which can delight seven days a week.

While this area looks old and cute, it has changed it’s face a few times in its history.

Broadway Market was originally called Duncan Lane when the area around London Fields was established in the early 1800s as the population of London spread further out. We know that the street was there by 1811. A smaller street, Duncan Road, runs off Broadway Market to the east and is a reminder of its humble beginnings.

The area around Duncan Lane was interesting in that it sat between a middle class and mixed housing area to the north-west up along London Fields, and a much poorer area on the south and east.

It was renamed Broadway in 1881 and it became a market from the 1890s when produce sellers set up there. The street’s name became Broadway Market in 1937. Sadly, by the 1950s, the market life had all but died. However, 2004 saw it reviving in its current state as the popular Saturday hot-spot we know today.

Fun facts: the pub on the north end, at the intersection of Broadway Market and Westgate Road is called the Cat & Mutton because Westgate Road actually used to be called Mutton Lane.

Best nearby: the Saturday market, coffee at Climpson and Sons or brunch at The Bach.

london fiels
Look right down to the bottom of this image and coming off London Field is Duncan Lane. Map from 1827.